Service Level Agreement

Updated: August 25th, 2022

1. Definitions

In this document, the following terms shall have the following meanings:


the proportion of time that the Platform is working with no Incidents which are Priority 1 issues;

"Business Day"

a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in England when banks in London are open for business;


Connect My Event Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company no. 08776880 and with its registered address at Unit 4 Downing Road, West Meadows Industrial Estate, Derby, Derbyshire, DE21 6HA.


an end customer who uses the Platform to transfer data, and who is subject to the customer terms and conditions, as located at [insert URL];


any operating manuals, user instruction manuals/guides, technical literature and all other related materials in human-readable or machine-readable forms supplied by CME via the Platform.

"End User"

the end user of the Platform;

"End User Support"

End user technical support via email or support tickets.

"Event Manager"

Any individual(s) designated by the Customer as authorised to make decisions on behalf of the Customer with respect to any Incident which occurs during a live event.

"Excluded Causes"

As defined at paragraph 3 below;

"Excluded Downtime"

any disruption, unavailability or inoperability:

(a) directly or indirectly caused by you,
(b) due to unforeseeable circumstances,
(c) due to foreseeable circumstances but despite Connect My Event’s commercially reasonable measures to prevent were not within our ability to fully prevent (including but not limited to widespread internet disruptions, interruption of services by our service providers such as Microsoft Azure and that was not caused by Connect My Event, and malicious third party acts), and
(d) emergency security measures.


an unplanned inability to access the Platform or any part of it or reduction in the quality of the access to the Platform or any part of it;

"Maintenance Event"

maintenance of the Platform that may require an interruption to Platform access.

"Maintenance and Support Hours"

9:00 AM to 5:45 PM on Business Days.

"Planned Maintenance"

maintenance intended to resolve or prevent issues, improve performance, make enhancements or implement configuration changes, as notified to the Customer in advance;


the CME platform located at .


the underlying cause of 1 or more Incidents;


this document;

"Total Potential Availability"

the total time in each calendar month, less any time during which Planned Maintenance is taking place;


a temporary, predefined way of overcoming Incidents caused by a Problem before a full resolution is available.

2. General Customer Support

All Connect My Event customers and end users will receive the below support.

• 24/7 support, via email or support ticket from

• Knowledge base and documentation available from

• Blog and guides available from

3. Included Event Support

The level of Included Event Support provided by CME depends on the package purchased by the Customer, as further detailed below. Package details can be found in the Customer’s signed order form.

Table A: Included Support

Free Starter Professional Business Enterprise
Live Event Support No No No* No* Yes
Account Services No No No* Yes Yes
End User Support No No No* Yes Yes

*Available upon request, subject to additional fees.

Supplementary Requirements

A. The Included Support detailed in Table A is made available to Customers for the duration of their event.

B. CME must agree in writing to provide the maintenance set out above no less than 14 days prior to the start date for the relevant event.

Account Services

Account Services are the support and training services provided by the Connect My Event Customer Support Team before and after your first Event. For single event customers this applies up to 4 weeks prior to the event start date and to monthly customers whilst the account is active.

Your designated Connect My Event account manager ("CME Co-ordinator") is the representative from Connect My Event responsible for the overall management of your Connect My Event experience and will be available during 0900 am to 1730 pm Monday to Friday in the time zone of your CME Co-ordinator (GMT), excluding locally recognised holidays ("Normal Business Hours"). We will make every reasonable effort to provide one suitable for your preferred time zone.

Your "event manager(s)" is/are anyone designated by your organisation who Connect My Event acknowledges as authorized recipients of support under this SLA, as identified by their name and email address, or other account information accepted by Connect My Event. Connect My Event will only be obligated to provide Live Event Services to your event manager(s). Support for any other personnel will be at Connect My Event’s sole discretion.

Live Event Support

Live event support is real time support for your events whilst they are live and running (between 12 hours prior to the agreed start time and the agreed end time of your event). Live event support is offered to all enterprise customers and is available on request for additional cost to business customers. Live event support must be arranged at least 14 days prior to the event’s start date.

• Live Event support for event managers only or a dedicated account manager will respond within 1 hour to any issues raised via email or support ticket.

• End user technical support via email or support tickets. Technical queries submitted to us via our support desk will be responded to within 1 hour, however any event related queries will be forward to client event managers.

4. Excluded Maintenance

CME shall not be obliged to rectify any Problem or Incident resulting from any of the below causes (the "Excluded Causes"):

(i) misuse, incorrect use or damage from whatever cause (other than any act or omission by CME), including failure or fluctuation of electrical power;

(ii) failure to maintain the necessary environmental conditions for use;

(iii) use in combination with any equipment or software not provided/approved in writing by CME;

(iv) any act or omission of a third party;

(v) any breach of the Customer's or an End User’s obligations under its contract with CME, howsoever arising;

(vi) any modification to the Platform not made or authorised by CME; or

(vii) operator error.

CME may agree in its absolute discretion to perform excluded maintenance, subject to payment by the Customer of the applicable charges in respect of it.

5. Procedure

On receipt of an Incident report, CME shall:

A. confirm receipt of the Incident report and notify the Customer of the Incident case number that both parties must then use in any communications about the Incident;

B. work with the Customer to set a severity level for the Incident based on the severity definitions and target response times set forth in paragraph 6 below;

C. analyse the Incident and determine the source of the Problem;

D. resolve the Incident (whether through a Workaround or a permanent resolution) or give the Customer direction and assistance in resolving the Incident.

6. Severity Classifications

The parties hereby agree to the following severity classifications for Incidents:

Priority Description Examples
Priority 1 critical production issues in the Platform affecting all End Users, including unavailability of the Platform, with no Workaround available. Examples of Priority 1 issues are: (i) the Platform is down or unavailable, (ii) a critical part of the Platform is unavailable or inaccessible, resulting in the Customer’ being unable to plan or run an event; and (iii) Platform crashes or hangs indefinitely causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response.
Priority 2 major functionalities of the Platform are impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many End Users and/or major functionality. No reasonable Workaround is available. Examples of Priority 2 issues are: (i) the Platform is operational but highly degraded performance to the point of major impact on usage; (ii) important features of the Platform are unavailable with no acceptable Workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion; (iii) a critical documented feature / function in the Platform is not available; (iv) access to an Integrated Third Party Application deemed noncritical (e.g. Vimeo) is impacted as a result of errors or malfunctions originating within the Platform.
Priority 3 a bug in the Platform affecting some but not all End Users. Short-term Workaround is available, but not scalable. Examples of "Priority 3" issues are: (i) Platform is operational but partially degraded for some or all End Users, and an acceptable Workaround or solution exists; (ii) Problem with non-critical feature or functionality in the Platform.
Priority 4 inquiries regarding a routine technical issue with the Platform; information requested on Platform capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration; bugs affecting a small number of End Users. Acceptable Workaround available. Examples of Priority 4 issues are: (i) minor Problems in the Platform not impacting service functionality; (ii) missing or erroneous Documentation; (iii) minor Problems in the Platform that do not affect the running of an event.

7. Response and Resolution

CME will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to and resolve each Incident (or Problem in the case where multiple Incidents are triggered by a single underlying cause) as indicated below. The timer begins when a ticket is received by CME as evidenced by CME’s system(s) of record.

Priority level Response time
Priority 1 1 hour
Priority 2 2 hours
Priority 3 1 Business Day
Priority 4 1 Business Day

At all times during Maintenance Support Hours, CME will commit the necessary resources for Problem resolution to obtain a Workaround or reduce the severity of the Priority 1 issue. CME will use commercially reasonable efforts for Problem resolution, to obtain Workaround or reduce the severity of the error for all other Priority definitions.

8. Report Requirements

All Incident reports must be filed via the method made available by CME. In addition, all communication shall include the following:

A. A reproducible test case, if commercially feasible, that demonstrates the specific usage that causes the Incident being reported.

B. Exact wording of all related error messages.

C. A full description of the Incident and expected results.

D. Any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the Incident.

E. All diagnostic steps previously performed by the Customer and/or any End User during attempted Incident resolution.

9. Availability

Connect My Event will aim to maintain 99.5% uptime service Availability ("Availability Target") where "Availability" is calculated as the total minutes that the Platform was available to stream your Live Event, minus Excluded Downtime, divided by the total minutes that your Event was scheduled to take place on the Platform ("Event Time").

In all those cases, Connect My Event will liaise with you and applicable third parties to assist to the best of our ability, to re-establish availability within a reasonable timeframe.

Connect My Event will update you with status no less than every 30 minutes for full outages, and no less than 60 minutes for partial outages.