The Features of Our Event Delivery Software

Connect My Event has a wide range of features to help organise live or virtual events, manage guests and gather valuable feedback to improve things for next time.

Fully Customisable Platform

Connect My Event uses modular design to allow you to fully control the build of your events.

Modules are multi-purpose building blocks of Connect My Event. Every module includes a home tab, with customizable image header, title, and content.

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Built-in Video Meetings

Talk one on one with selected guests. Perfect for networking, closing deals in private and general business development.

Just as with real events, you can mingle with guests and chat freely using the built-in chat feature, which is standard for all packages.

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Secure Guest Invitations

Creating private, invite only events has never been easier. Seamlessly create and automate private invitation links for your guests - straight to their email. Take full ownership of the invitation process from within Connect My Event.

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Feedback and Q&A

All events packages on Connect My Event allow users to leave feedback for individual sections of the event, such as live streams, pre-recorded content, and anything you choose!

Wherever you want to have feedback or Q&A this can be added within a few clicks. Queue questions for the speaker, allowing them to choose what questions to answer and in what order. 

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Data Collection Forms

All event packages on Connect My Event allow organisers to easily create questionnaires and assessments and other forms for your guests.

Trigger a required form for all guests to gather accurate analytics or as a requirement for access to certain areas.

Build questionnaires to improve future events, gather specific feedback or research.

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Polling and Voting

All event packages on Connect My Event allow organisers to create snap polls within minutes and put key issues to vote.

Engage your audience and gauge their reactions or make global, company-wide decisions based on accurate data from all your connected workforce.

Customise polls, edit voting options and whether those casting the votes can leave additional comments.

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Chat, Networking and Messaging

Direct messaging is a feature of Connect My Event which is available to all organisers, allowing guests to contact each other. Whether to reply is obviously up to you!

As soon as you have created an account your messaging is active and even once events have finished you will still have a record of who has contacted you if the event space is removed by the organisers.

You can enable chat on any part of the event, including on the schedule.

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Ticketing and Registration

We allow organisers to charge tiered ticket prices for entry to events in any currency using our payment provider.

Connect My Event allows users to create tickets for any private events hosted on the platform, allowing you to charge your invited guests for entry.

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