Fully Customisable, Bespoke Virtual Event Platform

We use modular design to allow you to build from the ground up and have full control over your events.

Modular design

Modules are multi-purpose building blocks of Connect My Event. Every module includes a home tab, with customizable image header, title, and content. They can be used to make interactive schedules, display information for guests, host live streams, create forums, chat areas and breakout rooms for your guests to discuss what they’ve seen, build forms for feedback, questionnaires, analytics or data gathering or take snap polls to let your guests decide and vote on key issues. 

You can control how accessible these modules are and create secret areas of your event with restricted access or create lists of external resources and useful information to assist guests.


You can change how and where your modules are displayed and construct your events in a unique style. Your event space can reflect its physical space. Add a landing page with video content or stylish graphics.

Even with the most basic package organisers can create virtual events with:

  • Polling/Opinion surveys
  • Bespoke data-gathering forms and questionnaires
  • Customisable sidebar, buttons, layout, icons, and imagery
  • Customisable interactive schedules
  • Categorised content libraries
  • Feedback/Q&A submission panel on any module
  • Interactive chat on any module or event lobby
  • Searchable guest lists
  • Embedded multimedia streams
  • Event wide direct messaging
  • Chargeable ticketed prices for entry to events in any currency
  • Customisable, branded registration emails
  • Admin roles for modules and events, with the power to manage guests
  • Moderators with powers to edit chat and view feedback, forms or poll data
  • Highlighted organiser messages for directing and making announcements
  • Full event attendance statistics available for all modules on request

Your event. Your way

It’s up to you how complex you make your virtual event. For live productions or simple speeches, you may only need users to access and view a production-quality, branded online broadcast.

For more immersive, interactive events intended to engage guests and drive business, features like breakout rooms and 3D modelling can be added on to your package with prices upon request. All features are created using modules and you can take as much or as little help from our team as you like, with access to a full knowledge base as standard.

Ready to go?